About Us

The Cell Power software has been designed and developed by Expertron Group (Pty) Ltd, a software development company located in Pretoria, in the Republic of South Africa. Expertron recognised the need for an innovative and cost-effective electronic voucher distribution platform during the early 2000s, when Cell Power was originally developed as a system for vending prepaid electricity vouchers from cellphones (and hence the origin of the name: cellphones and empowerment by selling prepaid electricity within the community). At the time, the concept was totally unique, with no competing products in the market place.

Since then, Expertron has continued to develop and extend the Cell Power product to meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs world-wide.

Expertron embraces the ideals of social upliftment. In collaborating with municipalities and government, the Cell Power platform has been deployed in previously under-serviced communities, providing jobs and enabling basic service delivery. By leveraging pervasive cellular networks, even the poorest and most remote communities are serviced. Expertron believes that by encouraging micro enterprises and enabling service delivery, more communities can be integrated into the active economy, which will help to bring about broad-based empowerment.

Expertron recognises that start-up costs present a significant barrier to entry for micro enterprises. By introducing cellphone based transacting, we not only empower new micro enterprises; we empower the consumer through improved accessibility. Business is no longer bound to office hours and brick-and-mortar - vendors and consumers are free to innovate and transact anytime, anywhere.