Municipalities & Utilities

Why use Cell Power?

Cell Power offers the following features to a government utility or municipality.

  • A turn-key software solution to manage your vending footprint in-house.
  • Manage merchants, merchant accounts, stock, commissions, discounts and point-of-sales terminals.
  • Administrative and vending interfaces are easy to use.
  • An intelligent system that predicts stock depletion and gives notification.
  • View detailed logs that give information on transactions.
  • A vending calendar to define business hours.
  • A merchant interface that merchants can use to view statements and manage terminals and vending calendars.
  • Agent status that rewards merchants who recruit more merchants.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology

Community Empowerment and Improved Service Delivery

cellpower sales transaction

Due to the low cost of deployment, Cell Power can be used to establish a large merchant footprint within a community, providing two important benefits for government utilities:

  • Increased service delivery to the community
  • Empowerment of individuals within the community to start their own businesses

How it works

The government utility or municipality becomes a Cell Power operator. The operator recruits merchants and agents. The operator buys stock - prepaid electricity vouchers - from voucher providers. Stock is sold to agents and merchants, who then resell the vouchers to their customers. The operator makes profit from selling the vouchers to the agents and merchants. The agents and merchants in turn earn a commission on their voucher sales.

How to become an Operator

Please take note of the following:

  • Potential operators should have sufficient budget.
  • An operator will incur costs for initial installation, hosting, maintenance, and monthly license costs.
  • Candidates should estimate the number of potential, active vendors (merchants and agents) to justify the monthly overhead (approx. $125,000 or R1,000,000.00 turnover per month).

Please contact Cell Power at +27 (0) 12 844-0330 or email to become an operator.